Reimbursements for Expenses

Payments for food and lodging while on campus.

These are personal expenses and are NOT considered tax-deductible donations by the IRS because goods/services were received in return. You will not receive a tax-deductible receipt for this payment.

Donate from an organizations here

PLEASE NOTE: There is a new location to pay STS/ GAP Year intern room and board


It is appreciated when guests leave a small donation to cover the expenses incurred during their visit here, but it is not required. (Nothing is expected from prospective students or guest lecturers, and no housing donation is expected from past students.)

  • $20 per room per night
  • $4 per meal for adults (12+ years)
  • $2 per meal for children (5 -11 year-olds)
  • Free for children 4 year and under
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